Thursday, August 2, 2007

Time to go

Getting to the departure gate has had more twists than a John le Carre spy thriller.

Passport arrived at only 4pm yesterday - after I had been sitting in the wrong place all day. Good thing was I did get some things done while I was waiting. This meant that I had to change plans for getting my visa put in onto Thursday morning. Also had to postpone getting replacement contact lenses and getting keys cut for Stuart (who will use my apartment for a while). Never afraid to change sequences and critical paths - everything got changed around and headed into town in the morning traffic with all my kit.

Phone call from Qantas as I walk to the Immigration office - can I make the earlier flight as my flight to Hong Kong is delayed - ordinarily I would have done BUT not this time. Long queue at Immigration which I manage to short circuit and am out of there by 9:18am - have to hold off the Qantas call back as I hit the service counter. Question: can I get to optician and to airport in time to make earlier flight? Not necessary to rush as Qantas have rerouted and I have time to amble up town to optician - have to reschedule meeting Stuart - and will miss Yohan in Zurich in the morning.

Now even have time to write this - hope this is the worst that it will get.

Good news is my cold has finally deserted me after 3 weeks. Now to ride.

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