Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Email Marketing pet hates

I had promised myself that I would start 2013 with a whole lot more FOCUS and some more active blogging. Cannot really say that is what I have achieved but hang - it is only January 9 and the year is but a puppy.

Step one is underway. I had over 2,000 unread emails in my Inbox collected over the December period

Followed some key advice to reduce the amount of emails one could be tempted to read. I am steadily taking myself off mailing lists, left, right and centre. I have also been writing some rules into Outlook to filter emails into buckets for processing later or for deletion. Thinking I need to create these rules at the mail server end so that I do not see them on any device that I can access. Would be great if I could copy rules from Outlook to my mail server. I am guessing I may be able to. Setting up some email management principles along the way that I will build into my outbound email activities. My pet HATES for email marketing are the following and the PENALTY will be as follows:

Immediate consignment to SPAM and DELETION folder
  • No Unsubscribe opportunity on the email - immediate consigment to SPAM and DELETION folder and I mean Immediate
  • Using different names even though they come from the same place/person. 
  • Subject line all in Capitals
  • Subject line that does not match the content
  • Passing off as email from Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Clickback
  • Email addressed to Hey You - I have a name or you can just politely write Dear Sir or Colleague or Customer or Friend or something simple like that
  • Email with no genuine and usable content - add some value to an already cluttered life
Three strikes and you are out

  • An unreasonable amount of emails. This is a vexed question as clearly some people are offering incredible value for each email and they are worth reading. I was led to believe that 1 a day is a good benchmark. For example Gary L has sent over 200 emails since November 14 - that is more than 3 a day
  • Emails for which the subject matter does not fit the original basis for me agreeing to receive your emails. If I have subscribed to your newsletter on FX trading, I may not be interested in Wordpress themes
  • Emails from Support area that are not Support emails but selling emails.
  • Emails where the hyperlinks do not wrap and have to be cut and pasted to be usable
  • Email about a product I have already purchased - I will ask for a refund of purchase if you keep doing it.
Feel free to add your pet peeves to the list- when i have a good list, I will publish some principles of good practice

PS I have done a few more things on my list of Focus. Most importantly the Cycle Tourist has been seen on the bicycle building up some leg strength for an upcoming mountain ride next week

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